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[Answered] Tool palette disappears Empty [Answered] Tool palette disappears

Post  NackJich on Sat 22 Apr 2017, 9:31 pm

I just bought this interesting software.
I have a couple of issues / questions.
If I select a colour from the loading menu with the tool window selected, and then I draw something, I have to re-select the tool bar every time I want to select another colour because the window vanishes immediately when I start to draw. This can't surely be the way you intended it to work?

Also which options are there for different file types at save? I am seeing only JPEG

Thank you!!


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[Answered] Tool palette disappears Empty Re: [Answered] Tool palette disappears

Post  Admin on Sun 23 Apr 2017, 12:03 pm

Thanks for your purchase and feedback.

I think it must be the auto-rollup feature of the tool window that annoys you. By default, if your have the main window and the tool window overlapping, the tool window would roll up so that you can see more of your artwork. Given your feedback, I'll consider changing the default to be not rolling up.

For the meantime, there are a few options you can do:
1. toggle the auto-rollup by clicking on the button of the right side of the caption bar of the tool window.
2. Press ALT twice to call up a quick color picker.
3. You can also right-click on the tool window and choose to have the color tab to be a separate window so that you can have it on it's own - giving you more control if you want to just always show the color picker window or not.
4. You can also press 1 to 9 to load one of the first 10 color presets.

For artwork saving, we save Expresii artwork file as our own 'Expresii Artwork' format (.xaw), and the accompanying .jpg is only a 'preview' file for your quick reference. You can export your artwork to .PNG or .PSD.

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