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Tutorials? Empty Tutorials?

Post  heartnotes on Sat 03 Mar 2018, 1:28 pm

Hi, I just downloaded the trial and WOW this interface is different! Is there any tutorials specifically about the workspace?


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Tutorials? Empty Re: Tutorials?

Post  Admin on Sat 03 Mar 2018, 5:27 pm

Yes, it's different for some good reasons. We don't have tutorial specific for the workspace but I believe the UI is not really that hard to get to know:

There's only one Setting Windows with 5 tabs. The first 4 are divided into the 4 main aspects of painting - Paper Materials, Paper Usage, Brush, and Colors. 'Paper Usage' includes cropping / tilting / sizing / layers. The rest are self-explanatory. It should be easy to follow as we know the tool (brush), the medium (colors), and the ground (paper).

The last main tab 'App Menu' - where you will find app operations like Saving / Loading / Windows / Input / System settings.

The only thing that you will not be used to is 'pressure-sensitive color loading'. You press harder on a color swatch and the color will be loaded more deeply into the brush. That's how you load multiple colors onto the brush, allowing you to paint with a gradient.

For more explanation for the rest of the system, please press F1 to download a Quick User Guide.
When you hover on UI elements, there will be hints showing too.

We have common shortcuts like '[', ']' for brush size, Space or MMB for panning, Space-Alt for rotation, Space-Ctrl or Mouse Wheel for Zooming. When you press F1 you will see a list of hotkeys.

We do have some short tutorial on our youtube channel e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoS7vVrltUo from which you can learn the UI in action.

And, lastly, ask here if you still have questions. Smile

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