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Expresii Features Roadmap

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Expresii Features Roadmap Empty Expresii Features Roadmap

Post  DarkAgdistis Mon 28 Oct 2019, 12:08 am


First of all : thanks for this software, it is really great.

Second, after reading some of the user posts and feature requests, I am wondering if you have a rough roadmap and/or timeline of the improvements you will still bring ?

I have the impression that many users would be happy to have the possibility to assign custom hotkeys ( ex : I am physically disabled, and being able to reassign the Expresii hotkeys to my usual keys would be a life saver ), many would also like to see the implementation of some selection tools, and finally expand the current brush engines to allow the use of a custom tip/stamp to paint instead of brushes ?

Have you ever considered using crowdfunding to add specific features ? Krita development team used that option successfully to add many new features.

Thanks in advance


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Expresii Features Roadmap Empty Re: Expresii Features Roadmap

Post  Admin Tue 05 Nov 2019, 6:45 pm

Thanks for your message. I’m happy it when people care about this piece of software. Smile

For your request of definable shortcut keys, currently we let users user game controller to assign those shortcuts. My current implementation of assignable shortcuts makes the startup a bit slow. I have to get a better way of doing this before I can add redefinable hotkeys for keyboard.

I have TODO list:
- Add Photoshop blending modes. Current blending in Expresii tries to mimmick painting but often people ask why it doesn't appear the same when exported to PSD.
- Custom hotkeys for keyboard
- Pixel stamps ('brushes' as in other apps)
- Pencil
- Oil paint
- White pigment
- Selection

Still busy fixing bugs currently. I should get a feature list on some project management tool so that people can vote but haven't got time to set it up yet. And sorry that I don't have timeline yet.

My situation is a bit different from that of Krita. Krita is open source and many people contribute to it and so crowdfunding for specific feature can work well. Also, because they have many more users so they can get enough support.

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Expresii Features Roadmap Empty Re: Expresii Features Roadmap

Post  bewitched Fri 15 Nov 2019, 7:50 pm

Admin wrote:
I have TODO list:
+ flat 3D brushes would be great addition - you had it on very early development stage videos on youtube.


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Expresii Features Roadmap Empty Re: Expresii Features Roadmap

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