Adding extra features in program

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Adding extra features in program Empty Adding extra features in program

Post  JaneGG on Fri 24 Jan 2020, 1:57 am

Good day to all users, admins and whoever reads this post!

I was wondering if the creators of this lovely and truly unique program would add extra features like:

1. More additional layers
2. An option to transform drawings ( Select, Transform, rotate and e.t. cetera) I am using the program for sketching and find it extremely inconvenient that I can`t move or organize my sketches or rotate/transform some of their parts.
3. Improved export options. An another inconvenience which bothers me a lot is that I can only import inly certaing png/jpeg files. As a person who works with Photoshop and Expresii equally, you might see why I find it bothersome to fix parts of the sketches/drawing I am currently doing.

Thank you for reading, I wish a wonderful day to you and your family members! <3


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Adding extra features in program Empty Re: Adding extra features in program

Post  Admin on Mon 03 Feb 2020, 6:24 pm

1. Currently, I'm working on revamping the internal data structure (because it's more complex than what ordinary paint programs that only deals with RGBA files). A better data structure forms the basis for adding more layers. Meanwhile, as a makeshift, one can save the current layers to a separate .xaw file and then use SnapDown to rasterize those layers into an ordinary RGB background image and then stack more layers.

2. I feel the same. However, I can't handle too many things at a time so these would need time.

3. Could you please be more specific on what exporting options you like improved? Thanks for your feedback!

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