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I want more layer

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I want more layer Empty I want more layer

Post  boa Sun 13 Dec 2020, 7:37 pm

I bought the software with great expectations for the watercolor function.
Currently, I use both rebelle3 and artrage, but expresii is the easiest to use.
However, the biggest drawback is that you can only make 3 layers.
I want at least 10 layers to make.
Is it possible in the future?
When would it be?


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I want more layer Empty Re: I want more layer

Post  Admin Tue 15 Dec 2020, 12:32 am

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we will eventually be able to create more layers. Work has been done towards that goal:
Since February, the file size of an Expresii artwork file and in-memory storage size are significantly reduced. And on a recent internal build, the rendering of artwork is also just optimized to up to 50% faster (or 80% for a bit lower quality). These laid a good path to allowing more layers or future enhancements.

However, I'm sorry that I don't have an ETA (Estimated time of arrival) yet. At the moment, a work around is to use the SnapDown function (save the current 3 layers to an artwork file, and then Snap the layers down to Background, so that 3 layers can be painted with new stuffs).

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