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Thoughts on Rebelle 5?

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Thoughts on Rebelle 5? Empty Thoughts on Rebelle 5?

Post  colton Mon 28 Mar 2022, 5:17 am

Hey Expresii and Expresii Users,

Rebelle 5 has been recently announced. When I first read the announcement and landing page (https://www.escapemotions.com/products/rebelle/about), I could not help but think of Expresii.

Specifically, Escape Motions (the company behind Rebelle) is advertising features like:

- Pigment Color Mixing
- NanoPixel Technology (similar to Expresii built-in zoom feature, https://www.expresii.com/blog/vexel-marrying-pixels-with-vector-for-organic-digital-painting)
- Real Watercolors with Granulation

These features seem awfully similar to Expresii's features. So, I was curious: what does the community or Expresii have to say about this?


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Thoughts on Rebelle 5? Empty Re: Thoughts on Rebelle 5?

Post  Admin Thu 12 May 2022, 8:50 pm

I think at least Expresii has set the trend for ultra-high-zoom for natural-media digital painting (first previewed in 2013 and app released in 2016; subsequently improved with vexel rendering in 2021). Having another app 'follow suit' kind of confirms that this is something worthwhile to do. I hope at the end of the day, at least Expresii would be credited for that in the history of natural-media digital painting.  Now let's see others natural-media paint apps would follow.

The Kubelka-Munk-to-RGB transformation (by Secret Weapons) that Rebelle uses should be credited too. It is a very nice solution if one wants to have color mixing close to real paint instead linear RGB interpolation.

Granulation - I think there's still room for improvement for both of us.

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